Moisture Master Housings

Providing an adequate supply of clean combustion air to a reciprocating engine or gas turbine is a major contribution to the continuing success of an efficient and trouble free unit.
Fleetlife’s original Moisture Master Housings are designed to meet the specific needs of your engine, turbine, or compressor in any environment. They replace filters from OEMs such as Clark and Donaldson Torit.

High Quality Replacement Filters

Advantages of the Moisture Master dry-type air filter housings include:

  • High Efficiency (particle removal to 2-micron)
  • Low Pressure Drop (promotes lean, clean combustion)
  • Improved emission quality (lower NOX emission)
  • Added Fuel Efficiency
  • Reduced detonation
  • Additional Available Horsepower
  • Extended engine Life
  • Easy to maintain and operate
We also design and build custom air filter housings for large compressor engines, gas turbines, and blowers. Contact us for more information.

All housings come with original Moisture Master filter elements manufactured at our facility to ensure the highest standard in quality.
moisture master housings
Moisture Master Housings by Fleetlife Inc.