Gas Turbine Air Filters

Fleetlife has been a trusted supplier for the gas turbine industry for over 30 years. Our heavy duty gas turbine filters, elements and pre-filters are available in all styles and sizes for both reverse-pulse (huff and puff) and barrier filtration systems.

Fleetlife offers the following medias for gas turbine air inlet filtration:

  • Enduro Life – Durable and economical media provides higher efficiency and better cleanability than conventional cellulose
  • Thermo Life – 100% Synthetic media delivers reliable filtration and excellent moisture resistance. Also available in conjunction with high efficiency nanofiber layer
  • Spider Life – Dual layer composition employs tiny nanofibers on the media to provide extremely high initial efficiency with minimal pressure drop. Surface loading of dust results in improved pulse cleaning and extended filter life
  • Moisture Master – Resin impregnated cellulose media provides optimal moisture resistance and high efficiency. Great when high humidity or direct moisture are present

High Quality Replacements

We manufacture filters for a variety of gas turbine such as Donaldson Torit, Clark, Waukesha and more.

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Gas Turbine Air Filters by Fleetlife Inc.