BALDWIN Replacement Filters

Fleetlife, Inc. manufactures an extensive line of replacement elements for Baldwin filters. These filters are heavy duty oil filters which exceed the demands of larger engines, particularly trucks. Shop all Baldwin replacement filters by part numbers or by using our custom filter finder. When it comes to dependability, performance, and quality, you can count on Baldwin products.

If you have questions about product availability, our experts will be happy to assist you. Simply call Fleetlife Filters, Inc. at (800) 622-0681 today.

Baldwin Filters Distributor

Fleetlife Inc. is a reliable Baldwin filters distributor. Here at Fleetlife Inc., the filters we manufacture and sell either meet or exceed the OEM standards and specifications. Our company's filters are excellent for use in heavy equipment, construction, oil and gas, industrial and manufacturing environments, as well as in other filtering applications. At Fleetlife Inc., we are a reliable source of replacement filters including the top industry name, Baldwin.

Baldwin Filters Review

These filters have consistently received stellar reviews, especially by truckers. In fact, the filters from Baldwin, characterized by a bold, hard-to-miss red paint job, have been consistently rated truckers' #1 choice. Baldwin filters include a robust spring-loaded metal bypass valve. This valve permits oil to flow through the filter once it has reached capacity.

Baldwin's filter design is durable, reliable, and continues to be a favorite among truckers. Some of the pros of a filter from this brand include:

  • Hardy design using metal components
  • Highly rated and used by truckers
  • Appealing red painted exterior

About Fleetlife Filters Inc.

Founded in 1977 and based in Chickasha, Oklahoma, Fleetlife Filters Inc. is your source for all things filters. Our business utilized our very first facility to construct air intake filters and liquid filters for both stationary engines and gas turbines. In addition, our company provided high quality products and competitive pricing which helped us to stand out from the crowd and ensure a niche in the marketplace. In 1981, we expanded into a larger facility and then in 1989, we shifted our focus to industrial filtration and dust collection. Again, in 2008, the business moved into a new facility to expand our product lines and filter inventory even further. Fleetlife filters boast some of the best lead times in the industry.

If you are interested in purchasing a filter from Fleetlife, please give us a call at 1(800) 622-0681, or contact us.

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