Donaldson-Torit replacement filters are the most popular OEM filters we manufacture. Sometimes referred to as just Donaldson or just Torit, some of the Donaldson-Torit parts numbers we get the most requests for are P19-0818, P19-0817, P19-0564, P14-6555, P12-5306, P19-1550, P19-1551 and P19-1549. As a USA-based industrial cartridge filter manufacturer we replace filters for Donaldson and Torit as well as many other original equipment manufacturers. All of our filter replacements are efficient, durable and manufactured to meet or exceed industry standards.

You can find a complete listing of all of our Donaldson-Torit filter replacements here. You can also download our PDF for a catalog of all the filter part numbers we stock, or request a custom filter quote if you cannot find the filter number you need.

We are committed to supplying a quality aftermarket replacement filter for Donaldson Torit or any other industrial filter. All Fleetlife filters are Made in the U.S.A., delivering premium filters and service.

FleetLife Filter News:

A Guide to Different Types of Industrial Cartridge Filters

There are many industrial cartridge filters available on the market currently. As a result, you may be wondering which type is the right fit. In this article, we'll cover what to look for as you decide which size, shape, and type of industrial cartridge filter will best suit your filtration needs. We'll also discuss terminology for the different types of industrial cartridge filters. We'll also discuss what the terms DOE and SOE mean, as well as their advantages and disadvantages.

Cartridge Filter Terminology You Should Know

The types of filters in the industry include: type 222, 226, flat end, spear, and high flow. Most standard 2.5" diameter by 10" long cartridges have a maximum flow rate of 5 gpm, with the exception of the high flow cartridge. We'll cover each filter type in more detail below:

  • Type 222 - The type 222 cartridge filter is typically an SOE (single open ended) cartridge. They use a cap on one end and are made of double gaskets which seal against the cartridge filter housing.
  • Type 226 - Type 226 cartridges (or sanitary filters), are manufactured with double gaskets and locking fins. Locking fins help to ensure correct filter installation and improve bypass protection.
  • Flat End - The flat end filter cartridge is usually used with DOE and Type 222 compatible filter housings. The flat end cartridge feature an SOE design and have a flat plastic cap for the seal.
  • Spear - Unlike the flat end cartridge, the spear cartridge features a pointed cap rather than a flat one. It is an SOE cartridge. It also features a bracket, which minimizes swaying and maintains a good seal.
  • High Flow - High flow cartridge filters are characterized by having a larger surface area when compared with other types of cartridges. Typically, most high flow cartridges have 6.5" diameter by 40" long surface areas. They have a large maximum flow rate of 350 gpm.

DOE & SOE Cartridge Filters

You've seen us refer to the DOE and SOE filter classifications already. So, what do the names DOE or SOE mean? Typically, the different types of industrial cartridge filters will fall under a DOE or SOE classification.

DOE Filters

DOE, or Double Open Ended filters are the most common filter types you'll find on the market. These cartridge filters have no built-in seals on either end. The DOE's cartridge filter housing is what prevents contaminants from bypassing the cartridge.

The disadvantage to utilizing a DOE filter is that the knife edge seal mechanisms are more susceptible to damage and/or installation error, (which leads to potential bypass of the filter cartridge). As a result, the DOE cartridge filter isn't a good choice for whenever filtration of absolute 5 µm and below are needed. These cartridges however, are ideal for any general purpose filtration applications.

SOE Filters

What are SOE or Single Open Ended filters? This filter type have one end sealed, via a polypropylene cap, which makes filter bypass impossible. This means that systems which require a higher purity filtration with improved sealing typically use this type of filter. Overall, SOE cartridges are easier to install and feature less loose internal parts, making them easier to maintain.

However, SOE filters cost more due to their one end cap and overall improved design. Because of the higher cost, most general application use the DOE rather than the SOE filter type. SOE filters are best for critical applications.

In Conclusion: Different Types of Industrial Cartridge Filters

Your choice of filter type and classification depends on your specific filtration needs. Understanding which industrial cartridge filter to use for your equipment is essential to improving manufacturing productivity and profitability. We hope that this guide to different types of industrial cartridge filters has enlightened you so that you understand filter terminology, avoid common pitfalls when choosing your cartridges, and overall help make your ordering/replacement process headache-free.

About Fleetlife Filters

Based in Chickasha, Oklahoma, Fleetlife Filters, Inc. was founded in 1977. We are experts in DOE and SOE cartridge filters and we manufacture numerous products including: replacement gas turbine air filters, air intake filters, dust collector cartridges, and pleated liquid filters. Our high quality products and competitive pricing helped secure a niche in the industry, and Fleetlife Filters has expanded to several larger facilities and product lines since 1977. In March of 2008, Fleetlife Filters moved into our current building. Utilizing state-of-the-art industrial equipment, we provide some of the best lead times in the industry.

It is our mission to provide the best industrial filter manufacturing services to our valued customers. If you have questions for our team, simply reach out to us today at 1 (800) 622-0681. Our customer service representatives will be happy to help you find the right filter.

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