Fleetlife Incorporated was founded 1977. We manufacture a wide variety of products for air, gas, and liquid filtration. Our commitment to quality and our ability to engineer unique filtration solutions have made us a trusted supplier to filter distributors and OEMs around the globe. We have one of the deepest cross-reference catalogs in the industry for:

  • Industrial Air Intake Filters
  • Dust Collector Cartridge Filters
  • Gas Turbine Air Filters
  • Pleated Liquid and Coalescing Filters

We also design and build custom air filter housings for gas turbines and stationary engines.

To learn more about our original Moisture Master Housings click here.

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Filters and Housings by Fleetlife Inc.

FleetLife Filter News:

Fleetlife Pleated Bags

waukesha panel filterFleetlife pleated bags are an excellent alternative to traditional bag filters.

more info >>

Nanofiber Filter Media

nanofiber filter media

We are pleased to announce our newest media composition,  NanoLife. This dual-layer electrospun media employs a layer of extremely fine nanofibers.

more info >>

Waukesha Panel Filter 214275A

waukesha panel filterFleetlife is proud to introduce the first aftermarket alternative to Waukesha’s flanged filter/panel 214275A. Our alternative is made with a reinforced steel frame and

more info >>